Birthday Dinner at Riso, Yes Please!

I turned 22 this weekend on May 18th. Usually I don’t want to celebrate, I just want to lay in bed and eat ice-cream, but this year I went out to celebrate! So, I went out with family to Riso, a wonderful little restaurant in Lantzville. I would describe Riso as fresh, homemade, luxurious Italian. It’s like if you went home to have a meal with friends but you lived in a palace and your mom went to culinary school.


First off the Decor, I know that the decor shouldn’t be the most important, but in the case of Riso it is the cherry on top that makes the sundae perfect. The exposed wood is so cozy and interesting. Paired with the stainless steel fixtures and sleek and modern furniture it is so captivating! It sets the mood and ambiance for a perfect meal.


Now to the food, the pizza is amazing. Simply, amazing. It’s made in a brick oven where you can literally watch it being prepared and then baked. Topped with fresh ingredients it is heavenly. The entrees are so well thought out and the flavor combinations so interesting.

My mom and I ordered chicken stuffed with pork which came with mushroom risotto and greens and we shared one of those amazing pizzas. To start we had truffle fries and deviled eggs with truffle oil.

For dessert I had chocolate, orange flour less cake with vanilla gelato. My mom got a turtle pecan torte with pistachio gelato and we swapped. The combination was perfect. My dad and I also got americanos.




After Riso we were going to go to The Great Gatsby but were tired so we went to the beach and watched the sunset. I highly recommend going to Eby Beach in Lantzville. You can pull your car all the way up to the beach, turn the car off and blast whatever tunes float your boat. For us this night it was Get Lucky by Daft Punk.


Have you ever been to Riso? What did you have, and how was your experience? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

~ Sarah

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