Vancouver, Next, The xx… Oh my!

As you guys may (or may not) have read about me, I lovelovelove going to concerts. In fact I recently told one of my friends that if I could live my life in a concert venue, I would. So when one of my favorite bands, The xx, decided to come back to Vancouver, I had to go see them for a second time. The last time I saw The xx, I took along my friend Keely. This time, however, I wanted to take my mom along as a part of our joint birthday/mother’s day gift!Ferry-1First, we hopped on the Departure Bay – Horseshoe Bay ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. Even though I’ve travelled on this ferry for what feels like 100+ times, when it’s a sunny day out nothing beats laying out on the sun deck. With the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the beautiful views, the ferry is a trip in itself!

Once my mom and I made it to downtown, we dropped off our bags at the Hyatt Regency then made our way to Pacific Centre for a little shopping (I can’t not check out H&M while I’m there!). Then it was a quick jaunt over to Robson where we grabbed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Vancouver.Next-2
Next Noodle Bar is an asian fusion restaurant located on Robson Street just past crossing Seymour Street. Their food is DELICIOUS. Their lemon chicken makes me want to sing “Walking on Sunshine”. Although, given that I usually always order the lemon chicken, my mom and I decided to share a few plates instead! We fixed our eyes on the salt and pepper squid (yummm) and the BBQ pork chow mein (yummmx2). Next is great for sharing plates as their helpings are quite large and their prices are super reasonable. Also that way you get to try more dishes from their expansive menu!

Once we finished dinner, we walked over to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for the main attraction!HundredWatersThe opening act is an American indie band hailing from Gainesville,  Florida. Described as infusing “intricate electronic instrumentation with jazz-like improvisations”, Hundred Waters set the perfect mood for the evening. To check out their music, head over to their YouTube page!

Now for the reason I came to Vancouver…Thexx-1-2The xx is an indie electronic group from London, England. Consisting of three members, The xx combines subtle guitar (Romy) and bass (Oliver) chords while Jaime overlays beats that gives this band their unique sound. I was asked what my favourite song is, and honestly it’s all gold. But for the beginner listener Fiction, Angels, Stars, and Islands are a good place to start (best listened to when in bed/on couch, cuddled up, lights off).Thexx-2

On Saturday morning, my mom and I woke up nice and early to head over to the Vancouver Aquarium to see the Jelly Invasion exhibit. It was so rad in there. So much so that I’ll just let my photos do the talking!Aquarium

Do you try to catch a concert now and then? Who’s your favorite band (I’m always looking for new music!)? Also have you been to the Vancouver Aquarium? What’s your favorite part??

– Sean xx

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