Lantzville Farmers Market

I love a good farmers market. Today though, I got to enjoy a farmers market in the sun, by myself with $20 in my pocket. It was total BLISS!

IMG_5440The market started with everyone lined up to get in. They opened the gate and we all started heading towards the different stalls that interested us. The first one that caught my eye was the jam! This lady makes over 400 different types of jam! Wow! She was so sweet and let me try her raspberry chocolate jam. It was delicious.

IMG_5416I went to the farmers market hungry so I was so exited to get some local biscotti from Biscottie Di Notte. I had to choose between almond, chocolate & espresso and cranberry. I chose almond biscotti then headed over to the Qualicum Roasters to get some coffee. I also drooled over Oh Happy Cake’s cakes and treats. Doesn’t their Chocolate Sauerkraut cake look fabulous?



There was so much fresh produce as well! I bought a tomato and made mozzarella and tomato with basil and olive oil for a snack later at home. IMG_5452 IMG_5447 IMG_5443 IMG_5432 There were also a lot of local crafts. There were t-shirts and baby clothes, pot scrubbers, pillows, wall hangings, dog toys and lots lots more! My favorite was a pillow that said “When’s Savasna?”  (Savasna is a pose in yoga that you do at the end where you lay on the mat on your back and don’t move, relax your body and relax your mind.) IMG_5457 IMG_5461

Man, sometimes I feel like that, don’t you?

~ Sarah

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7 thoughts on “Lantzville Farmers Market

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Sarah…I’m so excited to see my stuff on your blog! The Quilted Duck ladies just pointed it out to me. What a great little website you guys have created! I’m glad you liked the pillow…

    • Sarah & Sean says:

      I LOVE the pillow! Are you going to be at any farmers markets in the future so I could buy one? :) Thanks for stopping by and reading!

      • Kelly says:

        I am pretty crazy busy all summer with weekend stuff so no farmers markets until later in August when I will do the Lantzville Market again a few times and probably the Parksville Tuesday night market once or twice. I still have the pillow if you want to buy it though. We can connect directly or I could drop it off at the Quilted Duck and we can work it out that way if you want. I think you have my email if you want to email me?

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