Day Trip: Comox

Two Tuesdays ago my Dad, Rolo (our shar pei) and I took a drive up to Comox for their annual BC Shellfish Festival (which ran from June 6 – June 16th). I love seafood (especially when you catch it fresh yourself) and since we missed going last year, to say that I was freaking excited to go this year is an understatement. However, a few things happened that derailed our would-be great day out. First, I work an odd schedule (Thursday-Monday) which means we went up on a Tuesday. Now, there were tours happening (like the Manatee Holdings Hatchery tour) but since my dad fractured his spine a month ago, I figured the less organized walking the better. With tours out the window, there really wasn’t much else to explore (in terms of the festival) on a Tuesday.

The other reason our day (actually, my day) was derailed was because the memory cards in my Nikon were acting up and instead of preserving the 150-some photos I took that day, I was left with only 20. It was a huge bummer. I did take some pictures with my iPad as well, so I do have some photos to share in this post, but not as much as I would have liked.

Anyways, back to Comox! When we first arrived. we drove to pick up my dad’s friend Bob at his house. The three of us wanted to sample some local seafood for lunch and decided upon Comox’s Avenue Bistro.

(lunch before & after!)

It was really great in here! The decor erred on the modern side with an upscale feel to it. It was a perfect mix of class and west coast casual. Now, to the menu. It was really hard deciding what to pick. They had numerous seafood and fish dishes ranging from fresh muscles to seafood chowder to classic fish and chips! I had my heart dead set on muscles (they’re one of my favs) but when then waitress told me they were all out, I went with my backup: the steamed local clams. I was a bit nervous about the kelp that came in the dish, but after a few hesitant seconds with the sea weed perched at the end of my fork, I decided to go for it. It wasn’t half bad! As for my dad and Bob, they ordered the hollie wood oyster po’boy and the beer battered ling cod with chowder (respectively) and they had nothing but good reviews! I highly recommend you check this place out!

Next, since poor Rolo was stuck in the car while we got our fill of seafood, we decided to go for a walk along Kye Bay. I had never been before but after such breathtaking views and miles of sandy beach, I’ll definitely be going back again. I would love to show you guys how beautiful it is here but since my camera decided to be dumb, the only picture I have is this one (which doesn’t even show the water!):DSC_2440The only good thing about this photo is you can see how sandy the beach is! But this photo really does not do Kye Bay Beach justice. If you have time, I urge you to go check out this Comox gem!

After Rolo ran to his heart’s content, Bob directed us to Seiffert’s Farm. This local, organic farm market is awesome. Not only do they have a huge range of fresh produce (from lettuce to potatoes to garlic scapes) but the lady’s who worked there were so nice and friendly! MarketThey let me take a ton of photos (which almost none of them survived the memory card glitch) and even let me re-arrange the produce to maximize the composition of my photo haha! DSC_2472

(here’s Rolo enjoying some Seiffert Farm carrots)

Lastly, we went for a short walk through the woods to this protected marsh where people can actually feed birds out of their hands!MarshNow it was time to make our way back to Nanaimo! I think it’s safe to say that we tuckered poor little Rolo out: he slept the whole drive home!DSC_2491Have you spent any time in Comox? If so what’s your favourite place to explore?! Let us know in the comments below!

– Sean xx

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