Strawberry Picking at Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm

The other day I went on a little adventure to Nanoose to go strawberry picking at Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm. You can U-Pick your own strawberries or buy them from the farm stand which has tons of other lovely produce as well. It wasn’t raining so we decided to venture out into the field and pick our own. Nanoose Edibles is located on Stewart Road in Nanoose off of Northwest Bay Road. The property welcomes you with a patch of wildflowers sprouting near the farm stand. Further along is a pond, more fields, a chicken coop, more fields and a patch we were instructed to walk towards to pick our bounty.

The walk to the strawberry patch was so fun! We were encouraged to wander and take in the smells, sights and sounds of the farm. There were beautiful rows of green veggies just waiting to be enjoyed later in the summer!


The actual picking was sweet! I wanted to run through the rows and pick only the biggest and reddest of the stawberries but alas, I stuck to one row and got just as many beautiful strawberries as I would have springing from row to row.

After our bounty was harvested we ventured a little further north to the town of Parksville to go to Naked Naturals their local organic health food store to stock up on some goodies then headed home! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the strawberries – eat them all that night while watching “SO You Think You Can Dance”? Throw them into smoothies in the morning? Make Jam? Serve them with whipped cream? But after talking to my mom that night and her telling me that her grandmother used to make strawberry tarts every summer, I knew I wanted to do that too.  I used my grandmothers pastry recipe with eggs from a local farm. They turned out delicious and were so much more enjoyable knowing that I had picked all the fruit myself!


Chcek out Nanoose Edibles Oraganic Farm for yourself!

~ Sarah

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