Farm Fresh: Springford Farm!

I love meat. My roommate is a vegetarian and I often wonder what it would be like to try a meat-free diet. But I can’t do it. I love meat and seafood too much to ever give it up. However, lately I’ve been wondering about the meat that I buy at the grocery store – was this animal treated humanely? Was it allowed to roam free in a nice open field? Was it fed well and not pumped with hormones and antibiotics?! So I finally decided to check out one of the many farms on Vancouver Island that sells farm fresh meat. So which local farm would I choose to introduce me into the world of fresh, local, natural meat?DSC_2604Springford Farm of course! Springford Farm is located along Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose Bay. I’ve always driven past this stretch of land, but until now I’ve never actually stopped to check it out. I was interested in touring the farm before I purchased my meat, so I contacted Colin – the patriarch of the Springford family. Colin was incredibly nice and informative! He let me hop into his truck as he took me on a tour of the farm while explaining what it is the Springford Farm does.

DSC_2609(This is Colt, one of two family dogs. He’s so friendly. But be careful! Once you start petting him he won’t let you stop!)

AnimalsFirst, Colin took me to see the two family horses. You can often see these two from the road (it’s not uncommon for people to pull over to snap a pic or two!). Colin then took me to visit the cows; Springford Farm houses roughly 60 cows at a time. Colin explained to me that when the cows are ready, they transport them to Courtenay to his butcher who makes everything from sausages to ground beef to steaks and more! The butcher vacuum seals the meat (to keep it fresh!) then freezes the product so it’s ready for transport back to Springford Farm. Not only does Springford Farm sell meat to locals right from their property but they also sell meat to local VanIsle businesses such as the Pink Bicycle Gourmet Burger Joint down in Victoria!FarmSpingford Farm is huge! Colin and his family farm roughly 225 acres of land – that’s A LOT of roaming land for the cows!

I couldn’t make it in to see the chickens (they were hiding from the rain!) but I was able to snag these pictures from the Springford Farm website. Chicken                                             (Photographs courtesy of Springford Farm)

In addition to supplying meat to local businesses, Springford Farm also supplies their eggs to local businesses. Coastal Cake Company, for example, exclusively uses Springford Farm eggs!

Springford Farm’s cattle and chicken are free of hormones and antibiotics. They also ensure that their products are gluten free. As their motto explains, Springford Farm provides “The Islands Best Food… Naturally.”Family 001                                               (Photograph courtesy of Springford Farm)

So go pay Colin (pictured above with his wife Diane) and the rest of his family a visit at Springford Farm… you won’t be disappointed!

– Sean xx

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