Cherub Chocolate on Commercial Street

I had a divine experience with Chocolate the other day…

IMG_5478 IMG_5482

I was walking up Commercial Street in downtown Nanaimo when I stumbled across Cherub Chocolate! I had just been reading Paris My Sweet, a book about an american in Paris exploring the city through its une chocolaterie, so I had to stop. When I read I get so absorbed in the characters world that I often find myself imitating it in my life as well. But seriously, does anyone really need a reason to go into a chocolate shop?


Cherub Chocolate was opened recently in downtown Nanaimo and owner operator Veronika Kononova makes all of her chocolates with the finest ingredients and with mostly single origin Belgian chocolate. Her combinations of flavors are exotic and exiting, while some are traditional, tride and true combinations.

IMG_5484The first time I went to Cherub Chocolate I got a milk chocolate salted caramel, a vanilla truffle and a coconut truffle. I had planned on having them to myself, but unexpectedly ended up surrounded by my family. After an internal struggle I finally cut the chocolates in half to share with them. They were exquisite. Wow. After hearing our ohhh and ahhh about the flavor my Mom told us to “shut up already!” Now my Mum is usually a pleasant lady, slow to anger usually quite happy, but not when it comes to chocolate. I forgave her because chocolate envy can bring out the dark side in everybody. And I also promptly gave her a piece of my salted caramel.



The second time I went to Cherub Chocolate I wanted to venture outside my comfort zone, so I got a piece of milk chocolate made with white pepper and vanilla. I normally don’t like pepper but this chocolate was amazing. The flavor combination was spot on. It was divine!

Walk, run, or skip to Cherub Chocolate and try some for yourself at 165 Commercial Street, Nanaimo! You can also check them out on facebook or their website to get more information.

~ Sarah

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