Benson Creek Falls

It’s no secret that here, in Nanaimo, we are surrounded by beautiful landscape. We have the ocean, mountains, forests… you name it! Now, having been born and raised in Northern Alberta, with the Boreal Forest as a next door neighbour (literally), I LOVE exploring forests. And today I’m going to share with you my absolute favorite, and relatively unknown, walking trails.

1Pretty much everyone in Nanaimo has heard of Mount Benson (right? right?!), but have you ever heard of Benson Creek Falls Regional Park? Now, I’m not referring to Ammonite Falls (which Bailee did a great post on) but I’m referring to the entrance in the north end of Nanaimo, along Weigles Road.2Benson Creek Falls has tons of walking trails to explore. We often take our dog Rolo here for walks, and boy does he get excited once he realizes he’s here. (And for all you dog owners out there – these trails are off-leash!)

In the winter time, when Nanaimo gets all its wet weather, the creeks that flow through these trails are just stunning. Sometimes, if Rolo isn’t bothering me, I’ll take 10 minutes to sit by the water and just breathe it all in.3If you’re unfamiliar with these walking trails, and are looking to check this place out, I’ve set up these directions for you (leaving from Superstore on Metral Drive). Once you turn on to Weigles Road, there is a pull out/parking area about 400m up the road on the left. There’s usually cars parked here and a sign welcoming you to Benson Creek Falls Regional Park.4Ahhh, isn’t it just so peaceful??

– Sean xx

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3 thoughts on “Benson Creek Falls

  1. Lisa says:

    there is also a more secrety secret trail that gentle winds around benson creek and then Flinfall creek. It is stunning and very rarely used.

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