Sarah’s Take – Parksville Market & More

I love going to farmers markets, it’s a known fact, and the Parksville Market is way more than just a farmers market! It has the coolest vibe. Like a festival/ street fair/ backyard hoopla! There were food trucks, a marimba band playing and lots of kids giggling and babies wrapped up around their mama’s.

IMG_5774IMG_5796IMG_5777IMG_5780IMG_5778IMG_5784IMG_5782IMG_5783IMG_5786I love when people make things that they feel so passionate about and in turn make you so exited about what they have created. I bought some soap the other night at the market that smells exactly like ginger ale and is made from goats milk! It makes me smile every time I use it. Loved Again is a new store that I found with Sean on Tuesday. I love her vintage items! I would love to own that blue and olive green blanket! And, aren’t her shoes fabulous?

IMG_5803The Parksville Beach Fest was happening just down at the waterfront so Sean and I wandered down there to check out the sandcastles. I am so impressed with what people do with sand! It’s really kind of amazing. There is something really whimsical about a sandcastle as well. I voted for the “fairy’s Tale” sandcastle made by two women from the Netherlands. We started driving home and kept seeing the sun setting more and more. Finally we had to stop at neck point park because we KNEW it was going to be AWESOME. And it was.IMG_5851IMG_5885IMG_5887The Sun went from yellow and red to purple and light pink. It was crazy!!! (and AWESOME!) Underneath are Sean and I’s attempt at some selfies, they didn’t work out – but the sentiment is there and we had a good laugh doing it!SEAN-SARAH~ Sarah xo

8 thoughts on “Sarah’s Take – Parksville Market & More

  1. Owlie says:

    Love your post Sarah! The market is soo great. That was my marimba band you saw, haha. We play pretty much every Tuesday. I was in Bamfield this time though. Hope to see you there next time?!

  2. Mom says:

    Sarah I love this post on the Parksville Farmers Market and I will definitely being going my first Tuesday home. Can’t wait to check out Loved Again and see the babies wrapped up around their mama’s. Love the pictures of Sunset Beach, you are all doing such a great job!

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