Sean’s Take – Parksville Market & More

I have been wanting to check out the Parksville Farmers Market for aaaaages so I was stoked when Sarah and I decided to make the trek after work this week. I don’t frequent farmers markets very often (mostly because I usually work on the weekends which is when most markets happen… le sigh) so when I do make it to one, I’m overcome with a sense of joy, wonder and, well, craftiness. NakedSquirrelCuppowThe boutique and handmade tents were chalk full of cute, quirky, and beautiful items to drool over. But even more drool worthy. were the food tents.DSC_3185CoastalCakesI was happy to see Coastal Cake Company at the market, since I had written a post on Springford Farm recently and had learned that Coastal Cakes exclusively uses Springford’s eggs! Also the girl we met who works for Coastal Cakes was super friendly and nice!Storyboard1Not only were there beautiful crafts and tasty treats at the market, but there were also gorgeous flowers for sale in various tents. By this time of the night, it was getting a bit grey with clouds, so the flowers were a welcome burst of colour!Flowers2In addition to the sights and smells that treated our senses, there was also a pretty rad marimba band that was quite the treat on the ears:
After our walk around the market, Sarah and I decided to go check out the sandcastles at the Parksville Beach Fest. This was by far our favourite sandcastle (although they were all pretty spectacular!):

DSC_3227After we voted for our favourite sandcastle, we moseyed on over to the Parksville Beach (it was right there so why not?) where we took in the beautiful scenery.BeachOnce we got our fill of the setting sun, we decided to make our way back to Nanaimo. However, as we were driving down Hammond Bay Road, we noticed the brilliantly coloured sky in our rear view mirror. So, after making a snap decision, we headed to Sunset Beach.SunsetPathI still can’t get over how beautiful it was. I have to give thanks to Helga for the great suggestion!Panorama

LLN Playlist Update: My song choice of the week is the new Kings of Leon single, Supersoaker. This song is perfect for summertime (their music usually is a great pick for any summer soundtrack!) Go check out Sarah’s take on our evening together, and check out her song choice for the week!


– Sean xx

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