Trip to the Parksville Market, Sandcastle Festival & a Surprise Sunset!

Happy Saturday! Because Sean and I work weekends we decided to head out on the road on a weeknight. We have been wanting to go to the Parksville Night Market for quite some time now and decided to go last Tuesday after work! The Market is on Craig Street right in the heart of Parksville near the beach. It took us about a half an hour to drive from Nanaimo to Parksville – the weather was awesome, not too hot and not too cold. We had a playlist all planned to play but ended up chatting the whole way up.


Some lovely tourists took our picture! Shout out to whoever you are!

After we hit the market we headed over to check to out the sandcastles at the Parksville Beach Fest. Next we went down to Parksville Beach and wandered around on the boardwalk and in the sand. On our way home we noticed in the rear view mirror how awesome the sun looked as it was setting. The closer we go to Nanaimo the more amazing it was. Finally we made an impromptu decision to stop at Sunset Beach (Thanks for the tip Helga!) in Neck Point Park. We parked and ran like mad people to catch the sunset in time. And catch it we did…

Instead of doing one big post we decided to showcase our individual experiences. Check them out!

Sarah’s take

Sean’s take

~ Sarah & Sean

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