Scary Heights and Amazing Views!

My brother has been on my case recently saying that I absolutely HAVE to check out the view from Little Mountain. So on my day off my dad, my brother and our dog Rolo went to check out the scary yet amazing views that Little Mountain has to offer.DSC_2850-1The views here are INCREDIBLE. I couldn’t believe my eyes. You pretty much get 180 views from the south on your left to the north on your right. It’s a bit dangerous though, as the rock you stand on drops off to scary cliffs below.TrioIt was a beautiful day, and even if it was a bit precarious, it was well worth it. I’m hoping I can go back during the next new moon in August so I can photograph the stars!

After taking in Little Mountain’s breath-taking views, the four of us headed over Englishman River Falls for a nice hike around the trails.EnglishThere’s a few different ways to reach the falls. You can either head straight there from the parking lot, or you can take the longer route to the lower falls where you can actually go swimming, then follow the trail back up to the main falls. (We prefer taking the latter route).DSC_2746DSC_2814DSC_2797DSC_2750

 Sean xx

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4 thoughts on “Scary Heights and Amazing Views!

  1. Donna Labrador says:

    thanks for the tips=) I’m new to nanaimo and I want to explore this quaint lil town more. It’s scary sometimes though because I’m all by myself. Your blog is helping me a lot. Keep up the great job!

    • Sarah & Sean says:

      Welcome to Nanaimo! We totally get that moving to a new town can be quite intimidating but we’re happy that we can be of some help :)

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