Dinghy Dock Pub

Hmm a beautiful Sunday evening and my roomie and I are trying to figure out what to do for dinner. The sun has been beaming down on our house and warmed it to the point where no inside cooking was going to happen. We decided at 7:05 that The Dinghy Dock would be our dinner destination. Well I have never experienced two girls get ready as fast as we did. The ferry leaves at 7:10 and we raced down there hoping it had not left without us.DinghyThis is the roomies first experience heading out to Protection Island and I am very excited to show it off to her. She has lived in Nanaimo for several months now and we had not had the chance to make it out there. I definitely recommend this trip to visitors and locals alike.

As we ran down the ramp from Cameron Island to the Ferry Waiting Room we were excited to see that we had not missed it. Yay! We waited for them to unload the other smiling passengers before we boarded the boat to a new adventure. Only $9 Return trip and a ten minute ride from the harbour front walkway.BoatWe cruised out of the Nanaimo harbour at a good pace, past the many visiting vessels and soon arrived at the Pub. Excellent. Time for a spicy caesar and some local eats. We took a seat next to the water to soak in the breath taking views of Nanaimo and the gorgeous sunset.DSC_3430Before our meal, we went on a brief Island adventure to check out the sites and to see if the blue herons were around. We entered Pirates Park and could instantly spot the massive nests all gathered high up in the tree tops. No herons today, but we walked down the beach and gazed at the bright setting sun as it cast shadows over the locals marina slip.

The Dinghy Dock has a small menu but it sure packs a punch. For appetizers, I recommend the nachos or the spinach and artichoke dip. Or if you’re a seafood lover (like me) the calamari is the way to go. As for the entrees the fish and chips are a must try. You can get them either tempura battered or lemon pepper encrusted. If you’re not a fan of seafood, the burger is a great option.

FoodThe roommate and I had such a great evening. The food was delicious, the staff was friendly and the ferry ride back at dusk was spectacular.


And if you’re looking for an alternative way to reach the island, you can boat or kayak over. Kayaking is a great way to burn off all those calories after such a great meal!Dock

If you want to experience Nanaimo the Harbour City this is a definite must do for everyone both visitors and residents.

– Bailee

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