Mother/Daughter Date Night!

It’s Friday! You know what that means… Sean’s day!

I love spending time with my mom. When I was younger the two of us butt heads all the time, but now that I’m older (shudders) and wiser, the two of us get along like peas in a pod (but maybe, like, an english pea pod – nice and roomy). The two of us love going to catch a flick together, so last Friday we decided to make our evening out a little more special by catching dinner and a movie!DSC_3581Since my parents live in the north end of Nanaimo, and Avalon is in the north, we decided on the Longwood Brew Pub. Don’t be mistaken though, we didn’t only choose Longwood for its close proximity – they have delicious food and a great atmosphere.DSC_3594Since Nanaimo has been on a role lately with sunny, hot weather, the two of us decided to sit out on the patio. What a great choice! With the sun setting behind the mountains, it was absolutely gorgeous.DSC_3586Since we hadn’t decided yet if we were going to order popcorn at the movies, the two of us both decided on ordering small salads for dinner. My mom ordered the Harbour Salad. Pan-seared scallops, fresh strawberries, honey dew melon, and spinach combine to make a wonderful summer salad.

I went with my trusty caesar salad minus the caesar dressing. Now, you may be asking yourself, “But Sean… Isn’t a caesar salad with no dressing just lettuce?!” To which I would respond: “Not when it’s loaded with homemade croutons, parmesan, and grilled chicken!” So whether you like to “dress” or not – the Longwood caesar salad is a light, yet filling meal!DinnerWith our bellies full, and our bodies now chilly (the sun had set midway through our meal) we decided to head over to Avalon Theatre for our main attraction. The movie choice for the night? Red 2. My mom and I saw the first of the franchise in the theatre together so it was only right that we would watch the sequel together as well!MovieThe best part? An empty theatre! Well, for the first 20 minutes anyways (I am notorious for making sure I get to any movie 30 minutes before show time!). With our Lindt chocolate in hand (yum) we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed our show!

What do you and your mom/daughter like to do for ‘date’ night?!

 Sean xx

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One thought on “Mother/Daughter Date Night!

  1. Carol says:

    Glad you and your Mom had a great “date night”…My youngest daughter, Meredith sounds a lot like you!! Glad you had this special time but then again, your Mom is special……we go way back!!!!Your salads looked yummy!! Cheers..Carol

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