Neck Point Park

Hey guys! Sean here filling in for Tiffany…

OK. So. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but before going to Sunset Beach I have never fully explored Neck Point Park. Now, you may think that’s not so embarrassing, but I work for Tourism Nanaimo. And I send people to Neck Point. All. The. Time. And I constantly go on about how beautiful it is there (my coworker told me so). So after a family portrait shoot I was doing at Neck Point, I decided to actually stick around and explore.DSC_36803Oh. My. God. How is it that I’ve never explored Neck Point Park past its parking lot before?! This place is BEAUTIFUL. I mean I know Sunset Beach was breathtaking, but. This. Is. Incredible.

1There’s so many things to see and do here. Like tide pools? Check. Like rocky beaches? Check. Like climbing cliffs? Check. Like watching seals suntanning? Check. Or do you just like to sit on the beach and relax? If so, double check.

2I was so mesmerized by Neck Point, I completely lost track of time! I was also so inspired by the beautiful scenery, that I was able to brainstorm a few new ideas for the future of Local Loves Nanaimo! Which, I mean, aside from the breath taking views, isn’t that what’s important? Going out and being inspired by the nature around us? And I’m so thankful, because Nanaimo definitely get’s me inspired.DSC_3698-1

What gets you inspired?!

 Sean xx

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