Sunsets & Stargazing

As we mentioned, Sarah and I have been lacking in our inspiration recently. So the other night we decided to pick up a drink from Starbucks (Americano for Sarah, Vanilla Frap for me) and head to one of Lantzville’s many gorgeous beaches.1

We really needed this break. We’ve been overrun with work recently and stressed with every day life, so it was really nice to sit down on the beach and watch the sun slowly descend on the horizon.2

We decided to head to Sebastian beach, and what a great choice it was. Not only were we able to relax and re-ground ourselves, the two of us were able to brainstorm and gain the inspiration that we’ve so sorely been missing.3

Next, we picked up my brother, James, and drove to Little Mountain. Now, as I mentioned in Little’ Mountain’s previous post, this place is scary in the day time, let alone at night! But my heart was set on photographing the Milky Way here. It was a new moon and there was very little cloud cover, which made it perfect conditions for photographing stars! StarsSarah’s been meaning to do more things that scare her – to push her out of her comfort zone and live life. Well, this was definitely the excursion to do that! We were all pretty scared – especially when James dubiously mentioned, “You guys know there’s cougars up here right?” Which prompted Sarah to blast music from her iPhone while we all clapped and made sporadic noises to ward off any creeping wildlife (don’t worry – the only thing we saw was a bunny that scurried off in a fright once it saw us!)DSC_4314Sarah was pretty inspired by these photos I took that Carl Sagan’s quote “We are all made of starstuff” popped into her head and prompted me to create this pretty cool picture. I’m pretty sure Sarah’s going to print this off immediately and put it up on her bedroom wall!

Do you guys have any favourite star-gazing spots on the Island? If so, let us know!!

– Sarah & Sean

One thought on “Sunsets & Stargazing

  1. shalimar1 says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My organization, Ashoka’s Youth Venture, wanted to embed your ‘we are all made of star stuff’ quote into a webpage for students for students to kickstart their own changemaker journeys. Can we have your permission and can you email us the hi-res jpeg of the beautiful image you made above?

    Grateful for your support!

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