Little Qualicum Falls

Well, we’ve covered Ammonite Falls, Englishman River Falls, so now it’s only right that we explore Little Qualicum Falls! As previously mentioned, Cindy, my BFF from High School, came to visit me earlier this month. I had a fun-filled day planned which already included Coombs and Cathedral Grove! But I had one last out-of-Nanaimo place to show her…

TriptychWe first pulled up into the packed parking lot – Little Qualicum Falls is a well explored trail system in the summer months! As we walked through the lot, we headed down the trail to our left. Once we passed a nice rest/picnic area, we were faced with the tough decision to go left to the upper falls, or right to the lower falls. We decided to head in a clockwise direction – so left it was! The two of us were so amazed by how clear the water was – you could see rocks right at the bottom!

After marveling at the first view point, we decided to trek up higher and cross the bridge that connected the trail.ViewpointWe were presented with another amazing viewpoint. It was so incredibly cool to see all the different terrains that this body of water ran over – there were smooth parts with slower moving water, there were deep areas (which looked so tempting – but dangerous! – to swim in), and then there were the rocky spots where water seemed to shoot out like it couldn’t move fast enough!TreesHowever, do not be distracted by the breathtaking falls for the forested parts of the trail are just as beautiful! From birch trees to arbutus trees, Little Qualicum Falls has it all. Cindy and I decided it was time for lunch (after all our walking we were starving!) so we started to head back. The only problem – we got lost! It’s not that difficult to walk around in this beautiful park, however do be mindful of where you’re going otherwise you’ll have to backtrack! Once we were back on track, we happened upon the lower falls. Which, I have to say, was the cherry on top of our hike…DSC_4369It was so rewarding to end up at these falls after our hike. I would suggest to anyone that wants to hike Little Qualicum Falls, to move from the upper falls to lower falls. Although, no matter which way you go, you’ll sure be amazed by this piece of natural beauty!

 Sean xx

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