Discovering A New Park In Nanaimo!

So I have a secret…I don’t remember the last time I walked around Bowen Park! I grew up in Nanaimo and have spent some time at the outdoor pool but never really explored the park. Yesterday I drove through the park, decided to get out and walk around, and found the duck pond…and another little surprise!


IMG_6152I started to walk toward the park and was picking up some faint music. As I got closer I realized that there was music playing at the small amphitheater right near the duck pond! There were these two young kids, singing “I Love It” by Icona Pop. It was CRAZY and made me feel like I was walking around in a movie. As I wound around the duck pond I got closer to the concert and sat on the steps to listen. They played a few more awesome songs and serenaded my whole trip.


I walked down the path away away from the duck pond and it lead to an amazing little pond with a fountain. It was so peaceful! The Millstone River flows through Bowen Park and it was meandering near the pond. It had a small waterfall which a local told me flows really really strong in the winter.

IMG_6166IMG_6161Then I came across some awesome totem poles! They are laying on their sides because they are so old! The amazing details in the carvings and the colors really struck me. They are beautiful!

IMG_6246IMG_6250IMG_6235Have you ever been to Bowen Park? Where is your favorite spot in Bowen?

~ Sarah

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