Get in Touch with YOUR Wild Side!

A few weeks ago, I got a text from my brother and as I opened the message, which was a video of someone bungy jumping, my first thought was, “There’s NO WAY that’s my brother bungy jumping”. My second thought: “How DARE he go with out me and my camera!” So when my cousin Liz came to visit from Calgary, and when my friend Mike came in to town on his days off from work, I decided I was going to bribe everyone to head to WildPlay Element Park. My intentions were to stick my camera in their faces during their most vulnerable moments (for one bungee jumping is SCARY, and two Liz is petrified of heights!). The three of them each decided to complete 2 Elements. James chose the Bungy Jump (for his second time) and the Monkido Aerial Adventure; Liz decided to conquer her fear of heights by zipping down the DragonFLY Zip Line and climbing to the top of the trees in the Monkido Aerial Adventure. Lastly, Mike has always wanted to bungy jump (it is was on his bucket list) so he joined James for that Element. Mike also decided to accompany Liz on the DragonFly Zip Line.

Once they signed their lives away waivers, they all looked a little nervous (and a little green) but I have to say – I was stoked! I thought I was just going to capture some bungy jumping, yet here I was getting ready to capture three of the four Elements! I maybe could have toned down my excitement just a little…

Anyways, I was able to catch so much footage that I assembled this little montage video… So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

James, Mike and Liz all had so much fun! Mike was happy to have crossed bungy jumping off his bucket list, and Liz was quite proud of being up so high in those trees! Now that James has done the Monkido and Bungy Jumping, he’s looking forward to the Primal Swing. And y’all just know that I’ll be there to capture it all :)

Have a great, Wild weekend!

– Sean xx

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