Best Choice Books & The Start of my “Second Hand Bookstore Love Saga”

My love of books started young. My mum took me to the reading club at the library where I could pick out new picture books each week to bring home when I was in elementary school. Then I started going with my mum and searching for chapter books and cooking books and anything else my heart desired (which usually included interior decorating books, sewing books, knitting books and many many many more).

IMG_6122_2IMG_6112_2IMG_6078_2I don’t remember the first time I went into Best Choice Books is on Waddington Road in Nanaimo, because it seems like it has always been there. There must have been a first time though and it must have been an awesome experience like all the other times I have been in there since. Best Choice Books is owned by Cathy and Rob, two lovely people who always have a smile for you and an interest in your day. They serve Coffee and treats as well as some lunch items, and I always get a coffee to enjoy while I browse the stacks.

Okay, the stacks. Stacks and stacks and stacks. It’s amazing. The store is layed out with the cafe in the front, and then subsequent rooms of books. There are books stacked on the floor, on the shelves, up to the ceiling and beyond. Everywhere I look there are books that I want to take home with me, and cute alcoves with different genres. I assure you that when you come here you will find more than one book that you will want to curl up with and read all day.


Another awesome thing about Best Choice Books is their Trade and Save program which encourages people to bring their books that the no longer want into the shop. So if you have any books that are just taking up space in your home, bring them to Cathy!

IMG_6093_2IMG_6101IMG_6108_2We have a lot of second hand book store in Nanaimo, which I think is awesome and Cathy and Rob’s is my favorite! Hvae you been there? What did you think? If you haven’t been, GO!


~ Sarah

4 thoughts on “Best Choice Books & The Start of my “Second Hand Bookstore Love Saga”

  1. Cheryl Sandford says:

    I’m so happy to have passed on my love of books and book stores. You’re right Cathy and Rob’s store is a special one. Another great blog!

  2. Cathy says:

    Thank you so much for your glowing expose, Sarah the pictures are amazing and I am still blushing from all of the lovely comments. You have a great career ahead of you and I am so glad you found us.
    Cheers Cathy

    • Sarah & Sean says:

      Hi Cathy!

      Thank-you so much! That means so much! You and Rob are always so nice to come and visit, and cultivate my love of books! :)


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