Explore | Piper’s Lagoon @ Dusk

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

Ahhh, September. The beautiful beginning to my favourite time of year. No, not because it’s back to school time silly. Because SWEATER WEATHER. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that me (and Sarah!) both revel in the time of year where chunky knit sweaters and hot beverages rule our days. And what’s one of my favourite past times during this time of year? Sitting on the beach snuggled in a warm blanket watching the ebb & flow of the soothing tide. One of my go to beaches for just this past time is Piper’s Lagoon.2

My friend Mike is in town visiting, and since we both love photography, and both love the beach, I decided this was perfect timing to start September off right.DSC_4902

We hit the beach just as the sun was setting, and as I’ve mentioned before, dusk aka magic hour had set.1

Mike has been looking for a new profile picture to use for Facebook and I think I captured one he’s super pleased with.DSC_4924

The tide was partially out, letting the two of us walk around the tip of Pipers Lagoon along the rocky shore line. There’s actually a secret beach back there only accessible at low tide. It’s secluded and pretty neat, so if you’ve never been I highly suggest scoping it out next time you’re in the area!DSC_4942

Ahhh, isn’t it just wonderful?DSC_4956

– Sean xx

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