Explore | Farmers Markets In The Fall

 I love farmer’s markets, and it seems like everyone I talk to these days does too! There were so many farmers markets happening all over Vancouver Island this summer and especially Nanaimo. Luckily for those people who either worked all summer or hid in their houses playing video games, crops keeps growing all year round and provide luscious fruits and veggies well into the fall. The Downtown Farmers Market, Bowen Road Farmers Market, Cedar Farmers Market and Lantzville Farmers Markets are all open into September and October. Along with fruits and veggies Nanaimo Farmers Markets also boast crafts, baking, coffee, jam, soaps and so much more! Check out the markets that are open into the fall in and around Nanaimo:

1. The Downtown Farmers Market is open Fridays until October 11th 10 AM until 2 PM. The Downtown Nanaimo Farmers Market is located downtown above the harbour front walkway on the Plaza. There is live music, yummy food, crafts and artisans. Also if you are downtown don’t miss the historical cannon firing at noon!

IMG_57772. The Bowen Road Farmers Market is open Wednesday until  the beginning of October 4 PM until 6:30 PM. The Bowen Road Farmers Market is held at Beban Park. It is abundant with fresh fruits, veggies and everything that is grown in and around Nanaimo! Come early to fill your basket with nutritious and local goodies.

IMG_28103. Cedar Farmers Market is open Sundays until October 27th 10 AM until 2PM. The Cedar Farmers Market is on the grounds of the Crow and Gate Pub. This market attracts vendors from all over the area and holds surprises around every booth. There is lots of food, lots of art, lots of fun and so much more at this market!

IMG_5629IMG_5610new4. The Lantzville Farmers Market is open Sundays until October 27th 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM. The Lantzville Farmers Market brings local farmers and growers to you! There is also lots of amazing baking, crafts, coffee and more! Go to shop and then learn an interesting way to prepare your food while you chat with the local growers!

IMG_5440It is so exciting that these farmers markets are open into October because the fall brings amazing crops! The fall brings squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and so much more! I encourage everyone who hasn’t been to experience a Nanaimo Farmers Market! Not only is eating local and organic foods healthy, farmers markets are integral in the culture and community of Nanaimo and that includes YOU!

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