Explore | An Afternoon of Tea at The Grand Hotel

I, Sarah, cordially invite you to go to afternoon tea with me for a few minutes…

Wow, just wow, afternoon tea is so awesome! I felt so decadent enjoying a three course tea with my Mum at The Grand Hotel last week. I love love love Anne of Green Gables and have always wanted to go to a proper afternoon tea. I always remember when her and Diana go to her Aunt’s for tea and she wants to wear the puffiest of puffy sleeves on her dress. I felt a little like this, but I just wore a cute pencil skirts, top and cardigan!IMG_6254IMG_6257The Grand Hotel is located on Rutherford Hill in Nanaimo, and hosts afternoon tea. It is served every Sunday and Monday 1:30-3:00pm and Tuesday through Thursday from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. My Mum and I went on a Monday at 1:30 and were lucky enough to get to sit on the patio outside.

IMG_6331IMG_6327_2We were served waters and then brought a beautiful suitcase to choose our loose tea from. We got to smell the teas and our server knew so much about the ingredients that he could guide us through our choice. I chose Cream of Earl Gray and my Mum choose Rooibos.

IMG_6261_2IMG_6264After our teas were poured our scones and jam were brought out. The scones were warm and the jam choices amazing: Strawberry, Apricot and Raspberry. We also got whipped butter. My Mum loves a healthy amount of butter on her scones so she was very exited!

IMG_6282_2In between chatting our next course got dropped off, the show stopper, the course to end all courses. It was the platter! A two tiered platter with tiny savory sandwiches on the bottom and beautiful, delicate desserts on the top.


My favorite was the tiny cucumber sandwich from the savory level and the blackberry and cream puff pastry dessert from the top!

It was such an awesome afternoon with my Mum! It’s so nice that Nanaimo has such a special afternoon tea! If you have an afternoon to spend with someone, or want to impress somebody and enjoy their company, go for afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel, you won’t be disappointed!

~ Sarah

2 thoughts on “Explore | An Afternoon of Tea at The Grand Hotel

  1. Cheryl Sandford says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for inviting me to “Afternoon Tea” at the Grand Hotel. It was such a special time to reconnect after a busy summer for both of us. The hotel is beautiful, the staff are so friendly and very professional. We were treated like queens. If you have a someone special you want to take for a special treat, this is the place to go. Love You, Mum.

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