Explore | Plan Your Trip: We Gorge on Chocolates, Empower our Inner Feminists & Finally Find Paradise!

Hey LLN’ers Happy Thursday! We spent some quality time together on the weekend going for a day trip to the Comox Valley! If you haven’t already read it, check out our itinerary here. We loosely stuck to it but threw in a few spontaneous stops along the way! The following is a play by play of our day!

10:00 AM – Pick Sean up, she cues up the playlist and we are on the road!

10:30 AM – We see a sign for watermelons at Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm and take a small detour onto NW Bay Road to go to the farm. Sadly, we didn’t bring any cash so we had to leave empty handed.

NanooseEdibles11:15ish AM – We get to downtown Courtenay and head to Hot Chocolates on the main drag. Downtown Courtenay is so cute, and after a drive it’s nice to stretch your legs and walk around. Hot Chocolates shares a store with another store called Cake Bread Artisan Bakery where they have baguette sandwiches, cakes and beautiful pastries. To separate the two stores is a large espresso bar that was featuring “Apple Strudel Steamers”, which sound oh so fall-like! We ended up buying a few chocolates each and eating them in the shop at one of the tables.

Hot Chocolates Chocolates1 Chocolates11:45 – After our amazing chocolate appetizers we are looking for something more substantial and start strolling further down the main street. We passed lots of shops and browsed in a few. We walked all the way to end of the street and were so glad we did because this is where we found Zocalo, our lunch spot!

IMG_636712:15 AM – Zocalo! Zocalo means “a central town square or plaza; a gathering place, and it definitely upheld this definition! It felt like a central hub on the corner of two main streets. There was a very talented man playing live violin music, families enjoying a Sunday breakfast and lively baristas and servers. They server local food and feature Saltspring coffee. They had a ton of options on the menu, but what stood out most for us, was the granola and yogurt for Sarah and chicken club with garlic rosemary fries for Sean. We also got our respective favorite hot drinks, a latte for Sarah and a London Fog for Sean. The atmosphere was great, the food awesome and it was a definite win in our books!

DSC_5053 IMG_6378Zolacos1:30 – Sieffert’s Farm Market – We are sure that all the locals in Comox know of this great gem, but we were amazed to find such a bustling local farm market essentially in the middle of nowhere. After winding along some country roads we made our way back to highway 19 northbound in search of Paradise Meadows at Mount Washington.

SieffertsFlowers DSC_5073 IMG_6435 YUM32:00 – Mount Washington – We realize that it is a mountain but we had no idea how steep and far up we would actually be! We had some awesome views in the rear view mirror! We pulled into a busy parking lot filled with tourist and families out for a Sunday hike. We were pleasantly surprised to see a info hut where you can buy trail guides and information about Mount Washington itself. We knew that paradise meadows was really popular so we just set out on the path and followed the signs. We started our on Centennial trail which wins through the sub alpine forest and meanders around corners until it opens up into a large field. We follow the boardwalk, around the tree line and find a sign that points towards Paradise Meadows. We walked through a tree lined path that opens up to breathtaking views.

In addition to the meadow there are also winding steams, open fields and a small lake.

IMG_6565 Boardwalk DSC_5140 Sean SarahTreesThe hike is an easy and relatively flat trail that is suitable for any fitness level. There are even benches along the way to take a rest of take in the beautiful scenery.

There were a few spots where we definitely had to stop and breathe it all in. It was paradise!(picture of the two of us)


~ Sarah & Sean

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