Explore | Sweater Weather? More Like Sweat Weather!

Hey LLNer’s, it’s been kind of hot out in Nanaimo hey? It’s been so hot that I got an iced coffee yesterday, wore shorts, and today I went swimming at Pipers Lagoon. Once September hit and we went back to school we were so ready to fall into our favorite season, pun intended, but really summer isn’t actually over yet!

IMG_2913This is a photo from Thursday night right after I (Sarah!) went swimming. The water was so clear that you could see right to the bottom, it was so neat. We love September in Nanaimo because there are still so many things that you can go out and do. Whether you want to wander downtown or go out and go for a swim, it’s all here! Here are some more ideas of things that you can still do in September:

1. Visit Englishman River Falls – Scary Heights and Amazing Views

2.  Soak up the rays on Newcastle Island –  Solitude, Secret Beaches & Exploration

3. Check out Neck Point Park – Neck Point Park

4, Grab some ice cream on Nanaimo’s Harbour – Nanaimo Harbour @ Dusk

Also, this Saturday, September 14th is Nanaimo’s Harvest Festival in the Old City Quarter. We are sad that we can’t go because we work, so everyone who is free, GO! There is going to be lots of local food trucks, baby animals and information about local, natural food!

~ Sarah & Sean

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