Explore | Hammond Bay Studio Tour!

Hey LLN!

As some of you know I, Sarah, am finishing up degree in Graphic Design this year. I love graphic design and have always loved art. Both making and looking at awesome art are some of my favorite things to do. I count art as not only paintings in galleries but also as anything anyone enjoys looking at. This broadens things up a bit. I am really enjoying an Art History class I am taking right now about western art. It’s so fascinating going back all those years and looking at what people made and created thousands of years ago. I love visiting art galleries and art shows and I enjoy making art myself, even if its just bunting for a party or painting something super weird and abstract and I love seeing what other people are making and creating too!

This is why I always get so exited when the signs and balloons come out for the Hammond Bay Studio Tour. Not only, do I love art, I also live in the Hammond Bay area so I get to see what all these talented people in my neighborhood are creating. This year the tour is happening this coming weekend Saturday September 28th and Sunday September 29th! There will be red balloons on signs for all participating artists (there are 6) all along Hammond Bay Road!Capture

I can’t wait to get out there and see what my community is making! Are you going to go too!?

Happy Touring!


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