Travel | Sarah’s Portland Itinerary!

I am Portland crazy! And luckily I got to go over the weekend. This is the itinerary that we covered in Portland (we also did some other things). Underneath is Courtenay (my awesome cousin who came with me), and me! Photos are coming next week!


  • Ferry over to Vancouver, bus to hotel, sleep!


  • Train from Vancouver to Portland. 6:40 AM to 2:15 PM
  • Get to our Guesthouse, drop our bags, go!
  • Explore the NW 23rd area
  • Find somewhere awesome for dinner…


  • Wake up bright and early and hit Ken’s Artisan Bakery
  • Powell’s Books
  • Free Walking Tour
  • Find an awesome food cart for lunch
  • Contemporary museum of craft
  • Dinner at 23Hoyt on NW 23rd


  • Wake up bright and early and get coffee at Sterling Roasters
  • Go to PSU for the farmers market
  • Portland Art Museum/ History Museum
  • Lunch at a foodcart
  • SE Hawthorne
  • Movie at a cool sit down movie theatre…


  • Greyhound to Seattle at 9:30
  • Clipper from Seattle to Victoria at 3:00
  • HOME!

Check out photos next week from the trip and the details!

~ Sarah XO

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