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So as many of you know I, Sarah, have been lusting after going to Portland for quite some time now and went over last weekend. I’m not even sure how I got started on this Portland kick but once it was in my brain that I wanted to go I couldn’t escape it. I think the best explanation as to why I love Portland comes in a monologue that our tour guide told us. (It was a super awesome tour not a boring, lame tour just to clarify.) He said “If you want a career move to Seattle, but if you want to play on an adult dodge ball team move to Portland.” HECK YES I want to play on an adult dodge ball team. I also want to drink the best coffee, the best beer and watch Clueless while eating pizza sitting in an arm chair at a movie theatre. (All of these things I did!!!!!!) All of these things make Portland just a little bit weird too, which Portlanders fully embrace and has led to them taking the phrase “keep Portland weird” as their own!

IMG_3037On my trip I kept wondering why Portland was so “weird” and why I loved it so much. So I’ve complied a list of ways that I think we could make Nanaimo “weird” and bring a little Portland to the island.

1. Can we stop apologizing for the rain and just embrace it? We live in a freakin’ rainforest!

I have to say I have noticed a trend in people my age in the last couple years, saying “I love the rain, I can cozy up with a book and just be inside” or “I love the rain, you know you can still go surfing and the waves are actually great” or “I have this cute new coat, I just wish it would rain”. I think we can go even further though! We can LOVE the rain and truly embrace it as our own. We are still going to to go out and enjoy all of Nanaimo’s parks and shops, let’s just be jolly about it and not apologize. How do we think everything gets so green?

2. Lets get serious about our coffee.

We have some of the BEST coffee places that I have ever been to. Although I haven’t traveled a TON I sample coffee wherever I go. Carley posed the other day about her favorite, The Buzz, which is also my favorite. We also have some other awesome folks making coffee. Riso has AMAZING espresso and other specialty coffee. Serious Coffee makes a killer espresso shot. Perkins Coffee is an amazing place, I love their drip coffee.

3. Weirdos unite! Lets meet up (Whoever you are that wants to meet up)!

Do you love cheese and want to make cheese at home? Well chances are there are many other people who want to do that too! And guess what there is actually lessons that you can take! Do you like dressing dolls up and making short films in stop motion about their tea parties? Throw the idea out there, chances are there is someone just as weird as you dying to make stop motion animation about dolls that have tea parties. I think my point is that if you think that you are the only weird one, you aren’t. There are plenty of weirdo idea makers out there – and how awesome would it be to meet up with them!?

4. Let get pretty serious about beer.

This one I am half on board about. I like beer, but I don’t love it. I also think that, like coffee, Nanaimo is producing some AMAZING beer. Longwood Brewpub anyone!?

~ Sarah

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