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I’M BACK FROM THE LAND OF THE SICK! Woo hoo. I mean I’m pretty much all sick-free, except for my killer man voice. Oh, also the coughing up of left over phlegm in my lungs (TMI??). Anywhoo, a week or so before I felt like death, my friend Mike and I went to the beach to have a bonfire!DSC_7795

It was on our summer wish list, and since there was a fire ban over the summer we unfortunately had to wait for the all clear. But it actually turned out for the better, in my opinion. We were all snuggled up in flannels and blankies and it reminded me of when I was a kid (when I lived in Alberta we had a fire pit in our back yard and would be out there every weekend – summer, fall and winter!)DSC_7817

Before we headed to the beach, we had to stock up on supplies. We needed blankets, a bucket (for water to put the fire out), hotdogs and hotdog buns, chips, pop, s’mores ingredients, newspaper (for kindling) and fire wood! I was scratching my head trying to figure out where to buy firewood, so if you don’t have your own supply you can pick some up from 7-Eleven.

Once we hit the beach, we found an old fire pit from previous bonfire go-ers, so with a little reconstruction, we were ready to build our fire. It took a little while to get things going, so while the fire was slowly turning from a spark into a blaze, Mike and I explored the beach a little. It was a beautiful night, with a gorgeous sunset.DSC_7905

Once our fire was up to snuff, we cooked our hotdogs (we. ate. so. many.) then it was on to s’mores! We unfortunately bought really thick chocolate so they didn’t turn out as we planned, but we still had fun setting our marshmallows on fire.Untitled-1

In addition to our bonfire, we also brought along some sparklers with us so when it finally got dark enough we lit those bad boys and had some fun!DSC_7957MikeSparkler

It was a perfect evening to finally say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

– Sean xx

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