Explore | Gabriola’s Thanksgiving Studio Tour

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah here today posting about my trip to Gabriola on this fine Thanksgiving weekend!

This weekend was Gabriola’s Thanksgiving Studio Tour! The weekend where artist’s open their studios and let people roam around their spaces and ask them questions and chat. I love Gabriola and art so I was so exited to be able to get to tour some studios yesterday! I headed over on the 12:00 ferry with sunny skies and some Taylor Swift blasting. I was armed with my Gabriola Studio Tour map and circled my must see’s while waiting for the ferry.IMG_3383

IMG_3385 IMG_3386My first stop was Lynch Studio which had the most beautiful jewellery and interesting mixed media pieces. It was also a lovely property! Driving around Gabriola is a sight on its own. The roads meander and the sun was amazing yesterday. (I came to a crawling stop to take this photo, nobody was harmed in it’s making!)

IMG_3387 IMG_3393 IMG_3392 IMG_3390 IMG_3389My next stop was Artworks in Folklife Village for a look around and a coffee! I splurged on a cinnamon soy latte and started to browse the shop. A lot of the islands artists sell their work at Artworks so it was nice to see lots of art altogether! I bough a pink scarf with anchors on it and put it on right away and wore it the whole day and then continued on my adventure :)IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_3407 IMG_3409 IMG_3408 IMG_3406 IMG_3410 IMG_3413I made stops at #9 and then #20 and a few in between. These are some others shots from some of the stops. Some of them were painters, other were felters and others were quilters.
IMG_3414 IMG_3416And finally in the line-up to come back to the big city of Nanaimo with my new scarf! Seeing all the artist’s reminded me that sometimes by dropping what I am ‘supposed to be doing’ and picking up something that I ‘love doing’ could lead me places I never dreamed of. I feel inspired to pick up the things that I love doing and do them everyday! Some of these things include making patterns and painting landscapes. So that is what I will do!

I hope that everyone had a lovely thanksgiving weekend spent with people they love!

~ Sarah

3 thoughts on “Explore | Gabriola’s Thanksgiving Studio Tour

  1. the Lynch's says:

    Thanks Sarah for the kind words! We loved having our studio open and all the amazing new people we had the opportunity to meet – we so greatly appreciate the mention in your blog. We normally are on the tour every second year, but you’ve inspired us to rethink and possibly open up again next year. Looking forward to starting to follow your blog.

    • Sarah & Sean says:


      I’m so glad I inspired you to rethink opening up every year! I loved the tour, and visiting your studio. It was a really great day for me. Our aim is to inspire locals and visitors to get out and explore Nanaimo and surrounding areas (like awesome Gabriola!) and we are so glad to have new followers!

      Thanks so much!

      Sarah & Sean

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