Spooky! Scary! Haunted House!

Happy Friday guys!

We have a special announcement for this lovely foggy (and spooky!) Friday. If you guys are looking for something fun to do this weekend (and the week leading up to Halloween) why not go check out Island Haunt’s Haunted House?!IslandHauntIsland Haunt is putting on its annual Halloween festivities at Beban Park! This year, the theme is ‘Scary Tales’ and Island Haunt promises that these aren’t the beloved fairy tales you grew up with. Be prepared for scary twists and unhappy endings!

You can go check out the haunted house October 25th to October 31st from 7:00PM to 11:00PM. Tickets are $9.00 at the door. Island Haunt is suitable for all ages, although beware, this is a haunted house! So please use your own discretion if you are pregnant, have young children, or have certain injuries or medical conditions.

Have a spooky, scary weekend!

– Sean xx

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