Explore | Girls Day in Nanaimo: Facials, Cupcakes and Flowers!

Last week my Mom and I celebrated her birthday! She was away on her actual birthday so we postponed the celebrations until she was back in Nanaimo. First on the agenda were facials at Maffeo Salon. My Mom and I both love Maffeo. First off, the staff there are SO NICE! They are down to earth people who really make the space feel special and unique. Secondly, they are SO NICE that they offer coffee’s, tea, lattes or whatever your heart desires. The coffee is really good too! Thirdly, they are all really really great at their jobs. Weather it has been a manicure, a haircut, eyebrow waxing or a facial. The salon is located in the older part of downtown Nanaimo in a little heritage home. It’s painted a dark red and the salon takes up the first and second floor. For our facial we were on the second floor and in the same room. The details are a bit fuzzy because I was SO relaxed, but I can definitely recommend this as a treat to pamper you or someone you love.

After our facials we headed out for a coffee date and maybe some lunch or something to nibble on. We went to the old city quarter in search of something and stopped outside A Wee Cupcakery. Their sign caught my attention, it said “Who needs London when we have Nanaimo fog.” I thought that was so funny. So after a couple hums and haws we decided to go for it and get cupcakes as our lunch!

IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3550 IMG_3554 IMG_3551

The shop is very cute inside, with turquoise walls, detailed accents everywhere and the large display case with all the cupcakes in them. We knew we had to get a Nanaimo Bar cupcake, and after some more deliberation came to the conclusion we were going to share two more! We ended up with a Pumpkin Pie Filled cupcake and a Nutella cupcake to go along with our Nanaimo Bar cupcake.IMG_3555 IMG_3562 IMG_3545 IMG_3543I got a delicious Latte and my Mom got a Rooibis Tea. We sat at the shops little table in the front and talked and laughed and ate all of our delicious cupcakes. My favourite was the pumpkin pie cupcake. It had caramel in the middle and cream cheese frosting on top. My Mom’s favourite was the Nutella cupcake!

After that we went into a few of the shops in the Old City Quarter to do a bit of shopping and stopped at our favourite florist shop, West Coast Classic Floral Design to pick up a little thank-you bouquet! It was such a nice day in Nanaimo celebrating my Mom!

~ Sarah

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