Explore | Asteras Greek Taverna

Hello LLN readers! Today I am sharing about a restaurant near and dear to my family’s heart. My parents have been taking me and my sister to Asteras (before it was Katrinas) since we were super little! They actually brought our high chairs back when we were wee ones.

Asteras is located in the Old City Quarter of Naniamo and serves amazing authentic greek food. We always get hummus and tzatziki with pita bread to start. We also usually get calamari to all share. I usually get the spanakopita.

This night we were celebrating my Mum’s birthday!

IMG_6727_2 IMG_6671 IMG_6686_2 IMG_6674_2 IMG_6673_2 IMG_6715_2 IMG_6691_2 IMG_6692_2 IMG_6737

This night I ventured out and got ribs! They had a greek seasoning that was awesome! Asteras has such a nice atmosphere to it, and AMAZING food! It is a must go to when you are in Nanaimo and looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

~ Sarah

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