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Happy Hump Day LLN’ers!

It’s a dreary one out today, so I thought I would brighten your day with a little hard apple cider :D

About two weeks ago, I travelled down to Cobble Hill with three friends of mine, Rebecca, Doug & Leslie, to go visit Merridale Estate Cidery. Now, I’m sure all of you who are local to the Island have either visited Merridale, heard of Merridale, or tried one of their famous ciders. I was in the camp that had heard of Merridale but had never visited the cidery (or tasted the cider!). So when my two good friends, Doug & Leslie, announced their engagement, and that the wedding is to take place at Merridale, I was super excited. Not only do I get to celebrate with them on their special day, but Doug & Leslie have also asked me to be their wedding photographer (!!).

So, never having been to Merridale, Doug & Leslie took me down to Cobble Hill so I could scope the place out and get some ideas for photographing their upcoming nuptials. DSC_8825DSC_8838First up, since it was lunch time, we headed into the Orchard Cookhouse & Bistro.

The bistro has a lovely, warm, inviting, and rustic feel. We sat inside, but there were a few people who sat underneath the warm heat lamps on the wrap around patio.Menu The menu is small, but there’s such a great variety of dishes to choose from. I chose the Beef Tenderloin served with gnocchi and carrots (top right). Having an Italian godfather, I’m no stranger to gnocchi but Merridale puts a really interesting and tasty twist on theirs. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe they baked their gnocchi! Leslie and Doug wanted to sample some of the dishes that will be served at their wedding. Leslie tried the Smoked Salmon Crepe with Dill Creme Cheese (top right) while Doug decided to try the Crispy Confit Chicken Leg (bottom left). They were both extremely happy with their choices! Lastly, Rebecca went with the special of the day – the Vegetarian Quiche. It was scrumptious!Food

After lunch, while Doug and Leslie quickly met with the wedding planner, Rebecca and I decided to check out the gift shop and the orchard.Store ApplesThe gift shop sells everything. From homemade apple cider to wine to vodka, to spreads to jerk rubs to sauces! If you’re ever looking for gift ideas, this place will definitely have something for you. Now the weather was quite dreary when we visited Merridale so I didn’t get many pictures outside. I was actually surprised how many apples were still on the trees. But then I realized apple picking is in the fall, so there would be a lot of apples then wouldn’t there?!

DSC_8886-1After their meeting with their wedding planner, Doug & Leslie met me and Rebecca outside for a quick impromptu photoshoot! Aren’t they a lovely couple? I can’t wait until their wedding next summer!

Have you guys ever visited Merridale? What was your experience like?

– Sean xx

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