Explore | A Lunch Date at Mon Petit Choux

Nanaimo is so cool. I love that we have such neat stores and shops with interesting owners. On Commercial Street in downtown Nanaimo there is a Cafe called Mon Petit Choux. It’s a french cafe that has amazing bread, pastries and much much more.

It is located half-way down Commercial Street, kind of centrally. It has a beautiful french feel when you walk in. There are breads and pastries in the front counter and a large espresso machine. You seat yourself and then a waiter magicially appears to get you a drink and take your order.

IMG_3327 IMG_2771 IMG_2761 IMG_3331 IMG_3336

The other day I went with my Mom and my cousin to get lunch. I had an awesome pizza creation, with a side salad. My cousin had a quiche which she loved loved loved. My Mom had a tea latte which she loved from Mon Petit Choux and a Nanaimo Bar.

It is such a nice place to go when you want to relax and spend time with someone. There food is always delicious and delicate, such as french food should be. It is a nice place for lunch and a espresso, and to indulge just a little bit.

~ Sarah

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