Explore | Girl’s Day @ Kiyo’s Salon & Day Spa!

Hey everyone!

So this past weekend my roommate Rebecca and I treated our friend Leslie to a pedicure at Kiyo’s Salon & Day Spa for her birthday! Located along Stewart Avenue, close to downtown, Kiyo’s offers services from haircuts, to styling, to nail treatments, to massages and more!DSC_0338

There’s two sections to Kiyo’s – the hair salon on the right and the spa on the left. Since we were getting pedicures, we headed through the frosted glass door to our left which opened to a warm and inviting seating area. We were promptly greeted with an assortment of tea, coffee and water while we filled out a short form.DSC_0333Once we finished our forms, we were greeted by our three estheticians. Working on my tootsies was KhryssaDSC_0320Kiyo’s Salon has three side-by-side chairs for pedicure treatments – which was perfect for the three of us! We were able to relax and catch up on each other’s lives while the staff worked away, providing us with an almost sleep-inducing (in a good way!) “Detoxifying Pedicure”. The Detoxifying Pedicure starts off with a warm Sea Salt foot bath followed by a Dead Sea Salt exfoliation to slough off all those dead skin cells! Next, our feet were applied with a self-heating seaweed masque – we were left to relax while the masque drew out toxins and helped increase circulation. Lastly we were given cuticle and callous work, a heavenly massage, and a polish!DSC_0335There were a lot of great colour choices – Leslie chose a beautiful, shimmery turquoise, Rebecca chose a bright orangey-pink (to bring her back to summer!), and I went with a rich, creamy plum – perfect for Fall! Kiyo’s uses SpaRitual nail polish, who believe that slowing down is the path to enlightenment. I couldn’t agree more! After a stressful few weeks of school, blog work, and life, it was nice to take a beat, relax, and reflect on everything good in my life. And I had the perfect company for just that!
DSC_0332Kiyo’s special Detoxifying Pedicure is only available until November 30th, but they have two pedicure staples: the “Beautiful Feet Pedicure” and the “Nanaimo Bar Trail Pedicure”! You can check out either of those treatments here. Also, check back to their website in December when they have a new pedicure special! (Hint: it’s Christmas themed including scrumptious cranberries!)

When was the last time you pampered yourself to a spa treatment?? Why not head down to Kiyo’s and treat yourself!

– Sean xx

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