Explore | Vintage Toy Exhibit at The Nanaimo Museum

Hey Yall!

Have you been to the Nanaimo Museum lately? If you haven’t you’re in for a big treat with their most recent feature exhibit on Vintage Toys. Collected from people in the community there are some amazing toys on display right now. When I came I made an afternoon of it and went to serious coffee (which is located right next to the museum) for a coffee, then went window shopping on the bottom part of commercial street. It really got me in the Christmas Spirit and then I headed into the exhibit. There is an awesome red and white awning marking the start of the exhibit and then each glass container has a different section of toys.

IMG_6895 IMG_6896_2 IMG_6899

This was amazing because it was a childrens toy kitchen (like an old fashioned easy bake oven!) and it actually used gas. I think that I would have loved this as a kid and also maybe burned the house down!IMG_6902 IMG_6907 IMG_6912

These toys reminded me of Mr. Rogers and the toy castle land that he went to…IMG_6913

Mother Goose! This one was one of my favorites too see!IMG_6918 IMG_6922All in all I think that the museum did a superb job of putting this on and it’s great for everyone, young and old! The exhibit runs Nov. 15th to Dec. 31st so there is lots of time to come check it out! Come for the afternoon, grab a tea at serious coffee, wander up commercial street and have some fun!

~ Sarah


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