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Hey guys!

So last week, I wrote about our girls day at Kiyo’s Salon where we celebrated Leslie’s birthday. Later that evening, the three of us, along with Leslie’s fiance Doug, went to Modern Cafe for Leslie’s birthday dinner! I haven’t been to Modern Cafe for aaaaaages and I was pleasantly reminded by how great the food and atmosphere is!

DSC_0343Located near the top of Commercial Street, Modern Cafe is the perfect mix of both old Nanaimo and new. Rich leather seats, exposed brick, shades of red, and flickering candle light combine to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. DSC_0345Aside from the atmosphere, the menus even have a touch of old world charm. Their drink menu pays homage to earlier era’s with names such as the “Judy Garland” and “Raspberry Collins”. DSC_0344


Raspberry Collins

As for their dinner menu, Modern Cafe has a great selection ranging from tapas, to homey meals, to classic fare. I decided to go with one of the nights specials – the rack of lamb.
DSC_0355Cooked to perfection, my lamb was served with seasonal vegetables and mashed yams. It was to die for!DSC_0349

After a day of pedicure’s and an evening of good laughs, great food, and even greater company, I was left feeling de-stressed and even, dare I say, elated?!

So next time you and friends (or you and a loved one) are looking for a place to eat out, why not try a “Classic taste in a Modern Space” at Modern Cafe!

– Sean xx

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