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Hey Everyone! Sean and I went to a soap making class in Nanaimo a few weeks ago. We always see soap for sale at farmers markets and want to make some at home but we were a little leery of using lye at home. We took the class at Island Rain Natural Soap here in Nanaimo and had a blast learning so much and leaving with some amazing soap.

First off we got to pick the essential oils that we wanted to use in our soap. Sean and I picked bergamot essential oil with cocoa to make kind of a chocolate orange christmassy soap. My mom, who also came with us and her friend Barb decided on the amazing mix of lavender and rosemary. Now on the fun and messy part!

IMG_6780_2 IMG_6774 IMG_6778_2 IMG_6786_2First off we had to measure out the water and the lye. We then put that in the sink to make sure it didn’t spill anywhere dangerous. We then melted coconut oil and olive oil and our essential oils. The whole time ____ was teaching us about the science behind everything we were doing. It was really fascinating to know exactly what was going into our soap.

IMG_6812 IMG_6825_2 IMG_6832_2 IMG_6835

After mixing and stirring the lye into the oil mixture we added the oils and the cocoa to make the natural brown chocolatey colour. We added calendula to the bergamont part to add more texture and colour. Then on to the pouring into the mold! Sean took the reigns on this part and did a really great job. We decided to layer to colours and now swirl them too much on the top.IMG_6849_2 IMG_6858_2 IMG_6812kkWe added calendula on the top though and loved how it turned out. My Mom’s and Barb’s looked amazing too! They added actual lavender buds to the top as well as salts. I learned so much this night about the science behind making soap. You have to wait about four weeks to use the soap, so I can say now that I also loooove the feel of the soap in the bath and shower. I really love knowing exactly what is in the soap. This would be such a nice gift for someone or just to try out if you’ve always wanted to make soap like us!

~ Sarah & Sean

(This New Yorker article talks about the ‘making culture’ that is re-surging these days and where it originated!)

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