Explore | Hilltop Bistro // A Luxurious Dining Experience

I had a luxurious dining experience the other night at Hilltop Bistro here in Nanaimo. A few ‘ foodie’ friends and I have decided to start a group and go out to dine regularly with the intention to love food, discuss it and enjoy it together. Hilltop Bistro was our second restaurant. I have been looking forward to going for over a year so I was a little excited to say the least.


My fellow foodies and I usually share a few appetizers so we can taste and eat more! To start at Hilltop Bistro we shared Roasted Beats with Goat Cheese with toasted Walnuts and Honey, Halibut Croquettes and Truffle Fries. I was so eager to try the truffle fries because of my amazing experience with them at my favorite restaurant, Riso. These truffle fries did not disappoint. They were more rustic than Riso’s in that they had more skin on them and had an earthier flavour. The beets were also so good. The goat cheese added such a luxurious element. I think that luxurious could be the word of the night! The halibut were a little bit of a disappointment for me. They were a little bit too ‘fishy for me. While one of my fellow foodies agreed, two others liked the distinctive halibut flavour.

IMG_7182 IMG_7193

To continue with the luxurious theme for my main dish I had roasted duck with risotto balls, butternut squash and micro greens. I had never had duck before and thought that this would be the perfect place to experience duck for the first time! Boy was I right (I think, because I actually haven’t had duck anywhere else. But this duck made me not want to try it anywhere else)

IMG_7212 IMG_7215We love love love getting dessert. We decided on sharing two. The first one that I actually didn’t care for was profiteroles with scotch infused gelato. Unfortunately I don’t like liquor infused things.IMG_7221 IMG_7200During the night we actually made plans for our next foodie event together which consists of mystery ingredients and each cooking a different part of a meal. I have the task of making the appetizer with the ingredients cilantro and balsamic reduction. I have some ideas but I can’t spill the beans yet because my fellow foodies are going to read this (hopefullly!)

To conclude it was a really lovely evening of luxurious dining. If you want to impress someone or celebrate something or just treat yourself I can now personally recommend Hilltop Bistro in Nanaimo.

~ Sarah

One thought on “Explore | Hilltop Bistro // A Luxurious Dining Experience

  1. Jonathon VS says:

    It was pretty fantastic! I loved how they unexpectedly brought out that celeriac and apple soup for us (despite what anyone says, I’m sticking with the idea that they did it because we were special customers!). Those arancini were off the chain. With all the risotto I’ve made in the past few months I really should try making my own, but I’m just so nervous! My standards have been set so high! And yeah, the duck was also amazing. I did like that scotch gelato, though. There were just a few dishes there that I could have easily made at home, and, as you noted, I’m pretty sure the halibut was old. But overall I had a great night!

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