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Guys, I think I’m losing it.

I could have SWORN I already wrote this post. Yet, a quick search through our blog shows that’s not the case! Anyways, Sarah and I love to hold our meetings at local coffee establishments in Nanaimo. One of our most go to’s is Serious Coffee. There are four Serious Coffee establishments in Nanaimo; one in the South end, one Downtown, one along Hammond Bay Road, and one in the North end. Each Serious is independently owned, but they all offer great service and coffee (and tea!).

Since I moved up to Parksville, Sarah and I try to meet in the North end of Nanaimo. Which is why this week’s post is all about Serious Coffee (and tea!) in the North end.DSC_1952My go to drink (since I don’t like coffee) is London Fog. There are a lot of great cafe’s in Nanaimo who all make great London Fogs, but I have to admit: Serious makes it best. I think it’s the fact that they use 1% milk. Or they put a spell on it. Either way, it’s da bomb.DSC_1941 DSC_1942It was surprisingly slow when Sarah and I met there last week. Whenever I head in there to pick up my LF fix, there’s not a free table in sight!
DSC_1945In addition to coffee and tea, Serious boasts a number of cold drinks and food (a lot of which is made in-house).DSC_1946One of the things I like most about local coffee shops in Nanaimo, Serious Coffee included, is you can always find work by local artists hanging on the wall. It’s great because you know that you’re truly in a local establishment (and we’re all about local!). DSC_1949Have you checked out any of Nanaimo’s Serious Coffee’s yet? What’s your favourite part of this great, local coffee house?

– Sean xx

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