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Hello lovely readers! It’s Sarah today!

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Last week I went to Vancouver to be a tourist. I walked on the ferry with a friend and we had breakfast and had the pleasure of seeing a super pod of dolphins. We had a few stops and our first one was Main Street. Main street had been described to me as a combination of local and quirky with a bit of city and a bit of hipster. I was so pleasantly surprised by Main Street. Excluding the fact that it is so trendy and hip, I found an amazing vintage bathing suit for $30.00 that I love love love. We needed lunch so we were on the hunt when we came across The Fish Counter.


Walking through the doors I saw the fish counter on the left. The fish monger was working fast preparing and cleaning fish, hurrying between the fish counter and the kitchen on the right hand side. In between was a twenty-something girl taking customers orders under a chalkboard that read “Order Here!”. The kitchen was open and bustling. A bearded man who looked like he could be captaining a large ship, and not running a kitchen, was reporting orders back: “2 pieces with chips. 4 tacos.”


My friend and I who were making an afternoon out of shopping on Main Street in Vancouver were so excited to stumble upon The Fish Counter. The open fish counter and open kitchen made for a fresh feeling that led us to the decision to share four cod fish tacos. There were wooden counters and men in business suits standing around a tall counter eating fish and chips and fish tacos.

We ordered at the middle counter and sat down on a bench with lemonades that we had bought. We had worked up quite a thirst while shopping at all the local and quirky shops on Main. It was a feast for our senses! Between the orders coming up, the quick conversations, the men eating lunch and…

Almost as soon as we sat down our order was called. We shot up and snatched our four cod fish tacos and sat back down to enjoy them. Seeing the fresh fish to our right and the chef to the left made the tacos ten times better. I could taste how fresh they were. They were in small corn tortillas with some fresh salsa. We chowed down fast and enjoyed every last morsel.

I would definitely recommend The Fish Counter to either buy fresh fish or have fish tacos. I look forward to going back and trying their fish and chips. I would give the fish counter an 8 out of 10.

– Sarah

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