Explore | White Elephant Thai Restaurant

It’s Wednesdaaaaaaaay which means it’s Sean’s post day!

Today I present to you a great Thai Restaurant from Parksville called the White Elephant.

My family loves asian cuisine, especially Thai. Which is why my parents, who have already been to White Elelphant twice since moving to Parksville, decided to bring me and my brother to this great restaurant last Friday night.DSC_3634

In hind sight, we probably should have made a reservation because this place was packed. Which is always a good sign of a great restaurant.Menu DSC_3641

Since my day’s food intake only consisted of a pretzel bagel, I was STARVING. So when our waitress Virginia (shout out to Virginia!) came over with menus we quickly ordered some Pork Spring Rolls and Chicken Salad Rolls to start.DSC_3644

Uhm. YUM. The Spring Rolls were brought out hot and crispy and the Salad Rolls were so fresh. These two appetizers were just what I needed to tide me over until the main course.

Now, since the restaurant was packed to the brim, we had to wait a little bit longer than usual for our main course. But Virginia, along with the owner and other staff member, kept check on us to make sure our drinks were full and to give us an eta on our meal. It was so nice to have all three staff check on us because it showed us that they cared! Speaking of the staff, they were all so friendly. Virginia, our waitress, was superbly funny as well. I also saw the owner play a magic trick for the little girl sitting at the table next to us. They really set a great atmosphere to go along with their superb menu.

Once our food came to the table, and after I snapped a few pics, my whole family dug right in. My mom tried the flavourful and delicious Ginger Chicken.Mom

My dad and brother both tried the spicy Green Curry with chicken. I tried some of my dad’s dish and man was it tasty. This may sound like a weird adjective but the curry tasted so fresh! You could just tell that the ingredients that went into the meal were nothing but the best.DSC_3651

I went with the tried and true Shrimp Pad Thai. It was exactly what I was looking for – something a bit sweet with some tang and spice (flavour – not heat!).DSC_3650

I will definitely head back to the White Elephant. I saw they had lemongrass chicken on the menu, which is my ABSOLUTE favourite, so I’ll be sure to order that next time.

I urge all of you to head to White Elephant, even if you live in Nanaimo. The food is great, the atmosphere awesome, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Although, if you plan to head out on a Friday or Saturday, be sure to make a reservation! Or, if you have the time, head out there for lunch instead!

– Sean xx

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