Guest Contributor | Helga Heads to Victoria to be a Tourist for a Day!

It’s Helga waking up out of her hibernation and diving back into exploring Nanaimo and the Island!

I nearly forgot how much fun it is to be a tourist. Last weekend I headed down to Victoria to “Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown”. This event is super cool: it’s four days long and you buy a passport with over 40 participating attractions and businesses in and around Victoria.VicA

My first stop was the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre which is located in Sidney. It is an award winning aquarium of the Salish Sea. I have always been a fan of aquariums: cool fish, beautiful starfish and underwater creatures, what else does someone want? I can tell you, I felt like a little kid again. You get submerged, yes you read that correctly, you get submerged into the Salish Sea where the real fun begins.VicB

This is a great place to head to on a cold, windy and wet day. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and you learn so many things about the waters around us. It’s great fun for the entire family!VicC

Next stop: Victoria Butterfly Gardens. It had started snowing and haling and was all together not very enjoyable outdoors, so escaping into the tropical heat of the gardens was very tempting. Inside you get spoiled with approx. 3000 butterflies, birds, fish and beautiful flowers.

∞ Helga ∞

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