Explore | Elk Falls & Hwy 19 A

Hello Everyone! It’s Sarah today!

As you may have read school has been crazy these last few weeks as I try and finish everything I need to graduate university. I love what I do but I was feeling majorly burnt out. My friend suggested an adventure somewhere on our beautiful island and I knew that it would be just what I needed to re-energize and relax! So we headed out with Buzz Coffee and started on our trek to Elk Falls just outside of Campbell River. The drive was pretty rainy (typical west coast) but it was great. We got to Campbell River in great time and headed to the old parking lot to head down to the falls.

The first part of the short walk is through this amazing forest with massive trees that have moss hanging all over them. The trees aren’t just big and fat, they are tall too! They towered over us as we meandered along the pathway.


As we walked I could hear the roar of the falls. We hiked down the steep canyon and saw the river coming down and then, all of a sudden, it was gone. We walked further down and then saw the huge waterfall falling into a further down canyon. It was magnificent! The amount of water falling was crazy!


~ Sarah xx

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