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Happy Wednesday!

Well, I’m back from Alberta. My trip was filled with laughs, love, sights, more laughs, TATTOO’s, crying, even more laughs. I had the time of my life! Or at least I’m guessing I did, since I’m writing this post FROM THE PAST. It’s currently March 29th and, in preparation for my roadtrip across Alberta, I’m writing enough posts to last while I’m gone. So how’s the future?!? Do we have hoverboards yet?? Is time travel a reality now!? And more importantly: is Ryan Gosling my bf yet? OK, enough silliness, Sean. Let’s get back to business.

So, before I hopped on a plane to my motherland, I hit up a great, family-fav Indian restaurant in Parksville called Lemon Twist. As I’ve mentioned before, me and my family LOVE asian cuisine; and Indian ranks pretty high up on that list. Actually, when we used to live in Fort Mac, my parents would host a curry night every February. I hated it as a child because our house would smell like onions and spices for 4 days leading up to the dinner party. But now, in my ripe old age adult years, I beg my parents to host curry night. My parents are both amazing cooks and it’s a shame it took me so long to realize that! Think of all the curries I missed out on in my youth!

Wow, I’m throwing tangets all over the place today! Ok, back to Lemon Twist:DSC_5254 DSC_5256DSC_5262

Since moving to Parksville in January, my family has eaten at Lemon Twist a handful of times. Every time we come the food seems to get better and better. They host a wide variety of options – so there’s sure to be something for everyone!DSC_5258DSC_5260 DSC_5259 I’m not incredibly adventurous when it comes to curry – mostly because I think pepper is too spicy, let alone a mouth-burning Vindaloo, so I stick to what I know and what I like; Which happens to be Lamb Coconut! I’m also a sucker for Butter Chicken. My mom decided to go the coconut route as well with Beef Coconut. My dad, who’s philosophy is, “If it doesn’t burn my tongue, it’s not hot enough”, went for the Bombay Prawn.

Bombay Prawn

Bombay Prawn

Coconut Lamb

Lamb Coconut

DSC_5269One of my favourite touches is the copper pots in which the curry is brought out in. Copper is a great heat conductor which means these dishes keep your curry piping hot throughout your meal. In addition, these pots hold a LOT of curry. Every time we eat at Lemon Twist I always have enough left over for seconds the next day. DSC_5274What is your favourite Indian dish? Let us know in the comments below!

– Sean xx

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