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Admittedly, we took a bit of a breather last week. With work, cruise ship days, our other blog, etc… things are a bit crazy over here at LLN! But we’re back this week with a bunch of great posts for you. If you missed Sarah’s post yesterday, she wrote on Bodhi’s Artisan Bakery. Yum. And Friday I’ll have my first of many instalments of Sean x AB! So stay tuned for that :)

Ok, on to today’s post – From time to time, Sarah and I like to think outside of Nanaimo’s city limits when it comes to great places to visit. Today’s post does exactly that. When I booked my flights to and from Alberta, I flew from the Comox Valley Airport (for reasons that will only serve to bore you). So when my parents drove up to fetch me, we decided to meet up with old family friends from my hometown who now live in Comox.

The five of us headed to Avenue Bistro for some late night dinner. Now I’ve actually been to Avenue Bistro before but as my camera decided to pull a quick one on me (aka die), I wasn’t able to blog about this delicious eatery to my best ability. So here I am today!

DSC_8339 DSC_8340DSC_8357

Owned by husband and wife duo, Trent McIntyre and Sandra Viney, Avenue Bistro is the second restaurant of theirs, after Atlas Cafe. These two have a passion for food and, if you’ve eaten at either of their joints you’d know, it shows. Featuring local ingredients from fresh produce to freshly caught seafood, I was in for a whirlwind of decision making. DSC_8341 DSC_8345It seems as though my dinner companions were in the same boat as me – everything looked so good, we didn’t know what to order! Finally, after much debate, it was settled upon – two of us ordered the Seafood Linginue, two ordered the 7oz Sirloin with Bistro Steak Frites, while the last of us ordered the Margherita Pizza. DSC_8353 DSC_8349 DSC_8350Since I love seafood, I was one of the two that ordered the Seafood Linguine. After such a hard time deciding, I couldn’t have been happier with my selection! SO FRESH. SO BUTTERY. SO CREAMY. SO SEAFOOD-Y (??!?). I was in heaven. DSC_8355So delish. I wasn’t the only one with the same opinion – everyone at our table was pleasantly satiated!

With a great atmosphere, incredibly delicious food, and exceptional company – it was a perfect welcome home from Alberta!

Have you been to Avenue Bistro or Atlas Cafe? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

– Sean xx

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