Explore | New to Nanaimo: Noodlebox!

OK. So we know that, as Local Loves Nanaimo, we love to share all things local. But Noodlebox is just so amazing, we couldn’t not share. From the decor, to the food, to the location, we love everything about newly opened Noodlebox. And y’all just know I (Sean) love Asian food to no end. So, as Noodlebox is a ‘Southeast Asian Noodle Bar’, we really couldn’t not share!

Let’s start with location: Noodlebox is located in Port Place Mall in the newest section, closest to the casino.20140517-165325.jpg 20140517-165254.jpgReason why we love this? This upgrading of the Port Place Mall is giving the downtown area a huge facelift. There are tons of eateries opening up in Port Place Mall, which will bring more people to that end of downtown. Especially with the construction of two new hotels in the downtown core, having more restaurants, and more variety of restaurants, is a very good thing.

Second, decor: The two of us love anything that’s rustic, home-y, with a touch of modern. And Noodlebox fully embodies this. From the sleek, open kitchen design to the touches of natural wood, all the way down to the rustic picnic table-like eating areas, Noodlebox’s decor is the bee’s knees.20140517-165318.jpg20140517-165311.jpg Although it’s not as important as the food, the decor and atmosphere of a restaurant are very important. Having such a unique setting paired with a real relaxed, home-y vibe makes this place a perfect stop for a meal. We also love the open kitchen – what a nice touch.

Speaking of the food… omg. YUM.

black bean & garlic stirfry

black bean & garlic stirfry

I ordered the Black Bean & Garlic Stirfry with Chicken while Sarah ordered the Chicken Thai Style Chow Mein. Both were equally delicious. As we got our meals to go, I was surprised at the amount of food they were able to fit into such cute takeout boxes. 20140517-165344.jpgProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPacked with noodles and fresh, crisp veggies, our stirfrys hit the spot. We even had enough for leftovers the next day.

Lastly, we just want to quickly mention the staff – since Noodlebox openend it has been packed to the brim (a great sign!). The staff are always on hand to make sure no one is waiting too long and that you’ve been directed to the right place. By this, I mean those waiting for a table are in a different line than those who are ordering to go/those who are there to pick up. There was a pretty good line-up when Sarah and I went to pick up our food, but we were escorted right away to the pickup line where we were able to pay for our food and go!

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 presetSince we were working the Cruise Ship that night, Noodlebox was a perfect option for takeout food that was quick, easy, and super delicious. As their sign claims, “It Satisfies”. And, boy, does it ever.20140517-165302.jpg

Have you been to Noodlebox yet?? What’s your favourite dish? Let us know in the comments below!

~ Sean & Sarah

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