Travel | Sean x AB: Calgary Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you all of my posts from my time spent in Alberta, leading up to a super fun video (which I’m currently working on)! There was SO MUCH that I saw and did while in Alberta, which is why this will be split up into separate parts. First up is part one of my time spent in Calgary.

Let me set the scene for you: Mike and I are patiently waiting for our third wolf to arrive, Party Rock Wolf. It had been over a year since all three of us were in the same room together. Excitement is an understatement. We were so excited to see Tia that we completely missed her coming down the escalator!

At last the three of us were reunited – so, naturally, we headed out for a night on the town (warning: there will be many, MANY pubs, bars, and lounges featured over the next few weeks!)

Two of our other university friends, Brendon and Katharine, live in Calgary and suggested we all meet up at National on 17th in downtown Calgary.
DSC_7863DSC_6704Now, as I’m not a drinker, I look for pubs and bars that have a great atmosphere, great music, and great aesthetic – National hits all three. DSC_6705 DSC_6706There are multiple seating areas in National, all with their own aesthetic. We chose to sit in the biggest area which housed long rows of picnic-like tables. There were big screen tv’s, showing the latest hockey games, that were hung up along their glorious, glowing wall of liquor. The vibe in National could be considered home-y with an air of sophistication and a splash of childhood fun. I say childhood fun because there were rooms off to the side of the main seating areas that housed entertainment such as pool, beer ping pong, and foosball. There’s even a bowling alley in the basement! I feel like National is to adults what Jumpin’ Jiminy’s is to kids – a great place to go play with friends – an Adult playpen if you will.DSC_6707 DSC_6726

We had such a fun time catching up! Old stories, new stories… it was a great first night in Calgary!

Day 2:

The night before, Bren and Kat suggested we hit up one of, if not THE, best sushi restaurant in Calgary. Kinjo, located along McLeod Trail, is always super packed with people – a sign of a good restaurant! DSC_6741 Now I’ve been to my fair share of sushi restaurants, but I’ve never been to a sushi restaurant where you pick and choose your items while recording them on a sheet of paper. Is this a new concept to any of you? Or is that a common feature in sushi restaurants outside of small towns like Nanaimo??DSC_6749DSC_6746DSC_6754Anywhoo, since there were 5 of us, we managed to fill that order sheet out pretty nicely. We even had a bet to see who’s plates stacked the highest (Brendon won if you’re curious) although Mike ordered the biggest sushi dish I have ever seen – he couldn’t even fit one piece in his mouth. That has to count for something, right??DSC_6755DSC_6756After lunch, Tia, Mike, and I headed to Downtown Calgary for some sights. First up, we checked out Calgary Tower. Now, as I grew up in Alberta, I’ve been to Calgary Tower before. Yet, I forgot just how nerve-racking the glass floor is – my legs were shaking! I’m not one who’s often scared of heights but it’s a bit unnerving seeing the hustle and bustle of traffic below:DSC_6772-1 DSC_6769 DSC_6779 DSC_6798Next up, we walked the streets of Downtown Calgary until we found this pretty cool art installation at the Bow called “Wonderland”: DSC_6805 DSC_6807Word has it, Steve-O from Jackass climbed this structure back in January. He claimed, “Why would they put this awesome jungle gym right in downtown Calgary if they didn’t want me to climb to the top?”

After some downtime at my Aunt’s house, we headed back into the heart of Calgary. For dinner we went to famed Peters’ Drive-In for a classic burger and shake.DSC_6827At Peters’, you can either hit up the drive-thru or order from one of the walk-up counters. My mom used to frequent Peters’ back in the 70s when she lived in Calgary – she said it was a hotspot then, and it’s still a hotspot now. People will line up for miles to taste one of Peters’ famous milkshakes!DSC_6829The three of us decided to order a huge burger, huge shake, and huge fries (each – don’t ask why, we’re still regretting that decision). We quickly jumped in the car and headed to the top of Calgary’s memorial stairs to watch the sunset over the city skyline. DSC_6864It was actually pretty stormy out leading up to Peters’ so we were pleasantly surprised when the sun decided to grace us with her presence. DSC_6870DSC_6892 DSC_6895After our SUPER FILLING Peters’, we turned on the tunes and played one of our favourite games – Deep Questions. We sang, we laughed, we cried (mostly from laughing)… It was nice to reconnect with each other after being apart for such a long time!

We accomplished a lot in our first two days! But guess what… there’s only more to come! Next week I’ll talk about one of our favourite restaurants from the trip (we ate there twice it was so good), the time I lost my camera lens, and TATTOOS?!?!

Until next time!

– Sean xx

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