Explore | Damali Lavender Farm Adventure

Hello Everyone!

It seems as if I, Sarah haven’t been around for a while. The truth is I haven’t! I haven’t written in a while but I have been doing things on my weekends from working at Tourism Nanaimo like visiting farmers markets, heading to pipers lagoon as much as I can and getting ready for an up-coming trip abroad. More trip details will be coming in later posts. Today I want to showcase one amazing spot on Vancouver Island: Damali Lavender Farm in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. My Mum and I visited the farm on Sunday and participated in a meditation class held there every Sunday from 5pm – 7pm. First we walked around the farm and took in the sights and sounds though!

IMG_6410 IMG_6414 IMG_6424 IMG_6429 IMG_6427The farm in beautiful and provided so many areas to reflect and take in the natural beauty. Along with lavender the farm grows grapes to make award winning wine, has a vegetable garden and a reflective labyrinth. The Labyrinth is an ancient meditation tool used by people to reflect and mediate. By walking along the path in a circular pattern your mind is allowed to rest and relax in knowing that you can walk to the center and back out again safely. They are used over many spiritual disciplines. There are over 60 on Vancouver Island we learned. I highly recommend a trip down to the lavender farm and to the Sunday meditation workshop!

All in all a GREAT evening spent at the Lavender Farm!

~ Sarah




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